Lithuania | Pabandom iš naujo 2020 heat 2 results are in!

The second heat of Lithuania's newly branded national final, Pabandom iš naujo, has come to a close, and we now know the six acts who have qualified to the final.

The results were decided by 50% televoting and 50% jury voting. There were a total of five members on the jury panel tonight, who are all musicians, some of whom with a Eurovision background. Aistė Smilgevičiūtė (1999); Darius Užkuraitis; Gerūta Griniūtė; Jievaras Jasinskis (2010 as part of InCulto) and Victor Diawara (2006 as part of LT United) all played a part in choosing the six qualifiers.

The line-up for heat 2 was as follows:

  1. Rūta Loop – “We Came from the Sun” (4th with 14 points)

  2. Soliaris – “Breath” (7th with 6 points)

  3. Kristina Jure – “My Sound of Silence” (2nd with 18 points)

  4. Alen Chicco – “Somewhere Out There” (5th with 14 points)

  5. Indraya – “You and I” (12th with 2 points)

  6. Germanas Skoris – “Chemistry (Breaking Free)” (6th with 8 points)

  7. Viktorija Miškūnaitė – “The Ocean” (3rd with 15 points)

  8. Antturi – “I Gotta Do” (9th with 4 points)

  9. Abrokenleg – “Electric Boy” (10th with 3 points)

  10. Twosome – “Playa” (8th with 5 points)

  11. Moniqué – “Make Me Human” (1st with 22 points)

  12. Voldemars Petersons – “Wings of Freedom” (11th with 2 points)

Another 12 acts will take part in heat number 3 next Saturday, with another 6 acts qualifying to the final.

Are you happy with the results of tonight's heat? Let us know in the comments below!

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