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Moldova | Changes to Eurovision 2020 national selection

Big news coming in from Moldova! Earlier today, it was announced on the news that Moldova's representative for Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam is to be chosen by jury only, thus excluding the televote from their selection's procedure.

This year's selection in Moldova will consist of a submissions period for which the deadline is the 17th of January. Once all submissions have been sent in, all the candidates will have to participate in a live audition in front of the jury.

According to a representative of TeleRadio Moldova, (who are the organizers of the national selection), the jury will be formed of professionals from the music industry, and they will have to declare that there is no connection whatsoever between them and any of the candidates, hence trying to eliminate the hypothesis of a potential corrupt jury.

The same representative stated that the reason behind eliminating the televote is to make the selection process much easier for everyone. However, should there be a 'large number of qualitative entries', the organizer will eventually consider having a national final as well.


Unfortunately, Moldova failed to qualify last year in Tel Aviv. They were represented by Anna Odobescu with her song 'Stay', and she ended up being the 12th in the second semi-final with 85 points. Jess from Eurovoxx had a chance to interview Anna during rehearsals, which you can see below.

What do you think of the change in this year's selection for Moldova? Would you rather have televote as well in a national selection or would you trust a jury to select your country's representative? Make sure you follow us on social media and let us know your thoughts!

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