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Finland l 426 songs submitted and six artists selected for UMK 2020

We have more news on Finland and their selection to choose their representative Eurovision this year. 426 songs have been submitted to the broadcaster for Uuden Musiikiin Kilpailu, and out of all of them, six entries been chosen to compete. The members of the panel that selected the finalists are expected to be revealed later this month.

Music manager at YleX and head of UMK's expert jury Tapio Hakanen says:

"The music industry's response to the return to open competition was really positive. In the participating songs, it was featured with some of Finland's best songwriters, composers and producers. The follow-up songs were selected by a jury of ten, featuring music experts from inside and outside of YLE. The finale is of a very high standard and the tracks are varied in terms of style and performers. I hope that as many Finns as possible find an artist and song that is perfect for representing Finland in Eurovision Songs."

The artists for Uuden Musiikiin Kilpailu will be revealed on January 21st. The show will be broadcast live on YLE1 and Yle Arena, with the finale taking place at the Mediapolis TV studio in Tampere on Saturday March 7th. The act that wins will be selected by television viewers and a UMK jury.

Watch our interview with last year's Finnish act Darude and Sebastian Rejman,

at the London Eurovision Party.

Who would you like to compete in Uuden Musiikiin Kilpailu?

Tell us in the comment below or on our social media.

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