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Switzerland | Jury members for Eurovision 2020 selection process revealed

Swiss broadcaster SRF have revealed the names of the 21 jury members that have been a part of Switzerland's selection process for Eurovision 2020. A total of 515 songs were submitted to the broadcaster, with a 100-member audience panel and 20-member international jury deciding which song and singer will represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2020.

The 20 jury members, who all have connections to Eurovision in some way or another, are as follows:

  • Adrienn Zsédenyi (Hungary)

  • Alexey Gross (Belarus)

  • Anders Øhrstrøm (Denmark)

  • Argyro Christodoulides (Cyprus)

  • Deivydas Zvonkus (Lithuania)

  • Einar Bardarson (Iceland)

  • Florent Luyckx (The Netherlands)

  • Gordon Groothedde (The Netherlands)

  • Gore Melian (Armenia)

  • Grzegorz Urban (Poland)

  • Helga Möller (Iceland)

  • Henrik Johnsson (Sweden)

  • Jennifer O’Brien (Ireland)

  • Leonid Shyrin (Belarus)

  • Maria Marcus (Sweden)

  • Ovidiu Jacobsen (Romania) - Eurovision 2010 and 2014 with Paula Selling

  • Pete Watson (United Kingdom)

  • Rafailas Karpis (Lithuania)

  • Ruth Lorenzo Pascual (Spain) - Eurovision 2014

  • Sasha Saedi (Austria)

  • Tinkara Kovač (Slovenia) - Eurovision 2014 and EMA 2020

Check out our interview with this year's Swiss singer, Luca Hänni, on the Orange Carpet in Tel Aviv:

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