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Slovenia | EMA 2020 finalists have been revealed

Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO have revealed the ten finalists that will take part in EMA 2020 for the chance to represent their country in Rotterdam. The finalists were all chosen by a jury.

The EMA 2020 finalists:

  1. Ana Soklič – “Voda” (Water)

  2. Božidar Wolfand Wolf – “Maybe Someday”

  3. Gaja Prestor – “Verjamem vase” (I believe in myself)

  4. Imset – “Femme Fatale”

  5. Inmate – “The Salt”

  6. Klara Jazbec – “Stop the World”

  7. Lina Kuduzović – “Man Like U”

  8. Manca Berlec – “Večnost” (Eternity)

  9. Simon Vadnjal – “Nisi sam” (You are not alone)

  10. Tinkara Kovač – “Forever”

There are some big names from the Slovenian music scene, as well as some familiar names on the list of finalists. Tinkara Kovač represented Slovenia in Eurovision 2014 with her song "Round and Round", finishing in 25th place in the final, whilst Lina Kuduzović sang for Slovenia in Junior Eurovision 2015 with her song "Prva ljubezen". She finished in 3rd place with 112 points, which is the first time that Slovenia has finished in the top 3 in both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision.

The ten finalists will be joined by two wildcard acts from EMA FREŠ. The ten acts who made it through to the online round of EMA FREŠ will compete in a live final on January 18th. The ten acts are as follows:

  1. Marmoris – “Moj pristan”

  2. Astrid in Avantgarden – “Sing To Me”

  3. Klarity – “Diham”

  4. Lana Hrvatin – “Dream”

  5. Parvani Violet – “Cupid”

  6. Pia Nina – “Tukaj in zdaj”

  7. Saška – “Še kar lovim tvoj nasmeh”

  8. Stella – “Ne vem, če sem v redu”

  9. Alfirev – “Črno bela lika”

  10. Younite – “The Cure”

Check out our interview in Tel Aviv with Slovenia's 2019 act, Zala and Gašper:

Are you excited to hear the songs for EMA 2020? Which acts would you like to see qualify from EMA FREŠ? Let us know in the comments below!

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