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Eurovision 2020 | More tickets will go on sale on January 30th have announced that more tickets for Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam will go on sale on January 30th!

The first wave of tickets went on sale on December 12th, with all of the tickets being sold out within one hour! During the second wave of ticket sales, it is likely that you will be able to buy standing tickets for the semi finals and grand final, which were not available during the first wave of ticket sales. In mid-March, there will be a third wave of ticket sales.

There are 9 shows in total that you can try and buy tickets for:

  • Semi final 1 and 2 jury show

  • Semi final 1 and 2 family show

  • Semi final 1 and 2 live show

  • Grand final jury show

  • Grand final family show

  • Grand final live show

There are four types of tickets that can be purchased:

  • Standing tickets (on the arena floor)

  • Seated tickets (for seats on 1st and 2nd tier)

  • 'Limited view' seats

  • Accessible seats

All tickets range in price, from 18 Euros (for a limited view seat for the semi final family show), to 158 Euros for a 1st tier seated ticket for the live final.

Will you be trying for a Eurovision ticket?

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