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Norway l Hosts for Melodi Grand Prix 2020 have been revealed

Norwegian broadcaster NRK have chosen their hosts to Melodi Grand Prix, who are going to lead us through the whole process to choose the participant who will represent Norway in The Netherlands next year. The hosts are Ronny Brede Aase and Ingrid Gjessing Linhave, who are both making their MGP hosting debuts, Kåre Magnus Bergh, who has hosted before.

Ronny Aase is more known for doing the radio show P3morning and he is a little scared about hosting such a big show like Melodi Grand Prix.

"It gets a little nerve-wracking, and very and different compared to what I've done before. But this is all about partying, music and fun. And even though I'm not a distinct glam person, I'm always ready for a party."

Ingrid Gjessing Linhave has been the program manager for many major broadcasts for both NRK and TV2. But the biggest dream is realised only now, when she gets to lead Melodi Grand Prix.

"My MGP dream is well documented. I have six hours on tapes where I have my own MGP show. I was about 7-8 years old and told the family strictly to let me be at peace, and then there was the cassette player, microphone and piano, and then I led the MGP and was all the participants, from all countries of the world in every possible fantasy language."

The final of Melodi Grand Prix is going to be on 15th February in Trondheim Spektrum. It's also 60 years ago since MGP was aired for the first time, and they will be incorporating this nostalgia into the show. The participants will be revealed on New Years Eve.

Check out our interview with MGP 2019 winners, KEiiNO, in Tel Aviv:

This is really fun that they are choosing new people to host. What are your thoughts?

Tell us in the comment below and on our social media.

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