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Junior Eurovision 2020 | Could Kazakhstan be a potential host for Junior Eurovision?

After an impressive second place finish from Kazakhstan by Yerzhan Maksim with the song "Armanyńnan qalma" at Junior Eurovision 2019 in Gliwice, Poland, the Kazakh broadcaster Kabar Agency is discussing a potential hosting offer for Junior Eurovision 2020.

Even though Poland has won the contest the second year in a row, and are very keen to host for a second year running, Kazakhstan has some hopes to host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2020.

Considering that the winning country in Junior Eurovision does not necessarily have to host the Event the following year (such as 2008 with Georgia as the winner, leading to Ukraine as the host for 2009), the hope is well-grounded.

In addition to that, Poland might refuse a second hosting in a row due to financial reasons. Also, the European Broadcasting Union might want to give other countries the chance to host such an event.

For Kazakhstan, hosting would have a very big symbolic meaning since it is still not participating in the "adult" version of the Song Contest.

Since Kazakhstan is only an associate member of the EBU, it requires a specific invitation to the event (like with Australia), which has been denied until today. The invitation to Junior Eurovision can be explained by the smaller number of participating countries.

However, with a hosting application for Junior Eurovision, Kazakhstan would demonstrate that they want to be part of the Eurovision family permanently.

Check out our interview with this years Kazakh participant, Yerzhan, in Poland:

Would you like to see Kazakhstan as a host for Junior Eurovision 2020? And would you like to see Kazakhstan in Eurovision? Let us know down in the comments!

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