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Eurovision 2020 | France to internally select their artist for 2020

It has been announced that the french broadcaster France 2 will be discontinuing their national selection, Destination Eurovision, after 2 years of use. Instead they will be opting for an internal selection in choosing their act to perform in Rotterdam next May.

According to French newspaper Le Parisien, the reasons for this decision comes down to mainly two factors. One of which is low-viewing figures. On average, 1.9 million viewers tuned in to watch the national selection this year, around 40% of the 4.8 million viewers that watched the grand final held in Tel Aviv this May.

Another reason cited is that the broadcaster wanting "to take control over the process more" and as a result "hoping to get closer to the podium in 2020."

Also in the article, it was also stated that, for the first time, it would open up submissions not only to French writers and composers, but also to international ones as well.

The announcement of the chosen artist for 2020 will be done in a televised show sometime during the Eurovision selection season, although no dates have yet been specified.

2019 saw Bilal Hassani representing France in Tel Aviv in May, coming in a 16th place in the Grand Final. You can watch Eurovoxx' interview with Bilal at the London Eurovision Party earlier in the year as well as Bilal's final performance below:

What do you think about this news? Are you looking forward on who France chooses for 2020? Tell us in the comments below!

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