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Junior Eurovision 2020 | Spain does not intend to host Junior Eurovision 2020

Just a few days have passed since the celebration of Junior Eurovision 2019 and our mind is already in the next edition. One of the unknowns of Junior Eurovision 2020 is the country where it will be hosted.

Unlike in the Eurovision Song Contest, it is not always the winning country of Junior Eurovision that organises the contest the following year, although it has happened on some occasions in recent years. As a result of these rules, some Polish media outlets reported that Spain was looking at hosting Junior Eurovision 2020. However, RTVE has denied these rumours.

Speaking to Spanish media, Spanish Head of Delegation confirmed that Spain does not intend to host Junior Eurovision 2020, despite the fact that EBU has confirmed that they are open to receiving proposals from non-winning countries:

“The EBU has told me that Poland wants to opt to organise the contest again. They are assessing two options: Warsaw or Krakow.

However, it is not closed, because they can choose more options if any country wants to organise it. Spain, currently, does not want it. We would like to do it when we win”.

Spain came back to the competition after a 13 year absence and Melani managed to achieve 3rd place. This means that Spain has remained one of the countries with the best average result in Junior Eurovision. Out of 5 participation, they have finished in the top 5 every time, with one victory in 2004, two runner-up places in 2003 and 2005, a third place in 2019 and a fourth place in 2006.

We had the pleasure to meet Melani in Gliwice and she provided us with some very funny moments, both with Clara during her interview, and with Andy, when she tried to teach him some her her song! You can relive these moments again below:

So now that Spain will not be in the race to host Junior Eurovision 2020, where would you like it to be held? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on social media for all things (Junior) Eurovision!

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