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Eurovision 2020 l Marmoris and Saška have won this week's duel in EMA Freš

Week three has ended in EMA Freš and we have heard the 18 artists compete. It has been intense because it really is a new format to pick entries for a National Final. Marmoris and Saška won this week and got a ticket to be one of the six first finalists.

First to compete was Saška and Ljudmila Frelih on November 18th. I really liked both of these women's voices. They showed some strong vocals. However, one of them stood out for me and made me so happy that she went through to the final and that was Saška. She made me feel something, she sang with passion and you could feel that. I had a hard time choosing between these entries, but I'm extremely happy both of them were accepted to EMA Freš.

Second to compete was Alfirev and Nuša Pliberšek on November 19th. Here we have another group of women that I was blown away by their singing talents. I would have had both of these in the final if I could decide this. These magnificent women are so good and I hope to see more of them. I'm going to try and follow up more on what they do for the Slovenian music industry.

Third to compete was Marmoris and Lara Hvratin on November 20th. I wasn't even thinking that rap music was something I would hear in the contest and I liked it for standing out as original music. Lara on the other hand was the best voice I have heard in the competition. I was so surprised she didn't go through to the final. With that kind of talent she has in both singing and instrumental by playing piano. It's hard sometimes to make this right, but she did.

In the first duel Saška won with her song "ŠE KAR LOVIM TVOJ NASMEH", in the second duel Nuša Pliberšek won with her song "ŽIVLJENJE JE ČAROVNIJA" and Marmoris won with "MOJ PRISTAN" in the third duel.

For the last two weeks in EMA Freš, we still have 12 artists that are going to compete for the last four places in the EMA Freš final as "happy losers". Like the previous weeks, you still vote each day for your winner and in the end of the week on Friday you vote for one of the three that will go through to the final.

Duel schedule for week 4: 25/11 - Pia Nina VS Sara Petešić

26/11 - Marko Škof VS Nuša Pliberšek 27/11 Alfirev VS Soulution

Duel Schedule week 5: 2/12 - Lana Hvratin VS Martina

3/12 - Astrid In Avantgarden VS Petra Ceglar

4/12 - Ljudmila Frelih VS Tilen Lotrič

Here you can watch the commentators thoughts on this week's finalists in EMA Freš

What are your thoughts? Who was your favourite of the week?

Tell us in the comment below or on our social media.

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