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Junior Eurovision 2019 | Day two of second rehearsals continues!

The second rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2019 are nearly finished, so let's see how the remaining countries performed!


Wow what a performance from Darija! Serbia's very own powerhouse, Darija Vračević has delivered a very powerful, emotive and confident performance on stage, and she has impressed everyone with her powerful vocals! She looks at home on stage, and gets the message of the song across very well as she performs among a backdrop of images that help to convey her message.

Darija looks very beautiful on stage, wearing a lovely dress that, in colour and style, fits in well with the message of her song. We think that Serbia has what it takes to win, what do you think?


It's easy to see why Melani Garcia is so highly regarded, and a contender to win at the competition. There is a lot of hype surrounding this song, and you can see why. The voice, and message are so powerful during the rehearsal. She beams positivity, and is all smiles. Melani is a natural, and you can see that she is really enjoying her Junior Eurovision experience. Melani hit all the high notes, and the use of the plastic, and ocean background is very effective. Spain have a done a great job in returning to the competition.

The Netherlands:

Matheu and his dancers are definitely the cool kids on the block! Their performance can be described as fun, energetic and slick. They all look very happy and confident as they make very good use of the stage and their prop. Their dance moves are very slick and on point, and they definitely stand out with their bright red outfits. We think The Netherlands will do very well this year!


Sophia Ivanko closes the day. She performed so well, and it was a very relaxed performance. The young singer looked very relaxed, and gave a stellar performance. It looked, and sounded great, and came across very professional. We didn't see the piano on stage though. The graphics were breathtaking, and complimented her voice. Another great performance by Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision song contest.

So that's a wrap for the first day of second rehearsals! Who was your favourite today? Let us know in the comments below!

All photos in this article courtesy of Thomas Hanses for

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