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Junior Eurovision 2019 | Day two of second rehearsals begins!

Today, the participants of this years Junior Eurovision will continue on with their second rehearsals, so let's take a look and see how they did!

North Macedonia:

First up for today is North Macedonia for their second rehearsal. It's a great start to the day as young Mila Moskov really owns that stage. There is no doubt that the vocals coming from the young singer are on point. She makes the performance look effortless, and it is extremely impressive to see how composed she is. There is something very captivating about the performance that draws you in, and makes you want to sit up, and listen. Just like the adult version this year, the team have got everything right with the backdrop, and outfit. That ring of fire you see at the end is sublime. Over the years North Macedonia have been plagued by the 12th place, that they have consistently achieved. There is no doubt they they will score a lot higher this year. Job well done!


Viki and her dancers have given us a very colourful performance on stage. They are owning that stage with their powerful performance that we're sure will do Poland very proud. The performance is full of energy and colour, with great vocals to match! It is very eye catching and grabs your attention.


Joana just personifies sweetness, and kindness. This comes through in the performance of the song 'Vem Comigo'. It is nice to see that despite the important message, she looks so comfortable on stage. The staging is very simple, but clever, as it conveys the important message of saving the planet without being too over the top. Very charming Portugal!


Tatyana and Denberel look very happy and confident up on stage for their second rehearsal, and it's really great to see Denberel back on stage and looking well! The Russian duo connect well together on stage, and they have delivered a very strong performance with some very good vocals. Their staging is simple, with the performance focusing on just them as they perform among a sea of bright sparkling colours that make up the back drop.

Wales: Wales are back with their second rehearsal, and wow didn't Erin Mai deliver. Her vocals were very strong, and she really managed to fill the large arena with that talented voice of hers. As in last year, we were pleasantly surprised by the choreography, and liked the cloggs, and especially when the dress transformed into a large fan covered in hearts. There is a lot of love for this song. It makes our heart beat. Da iawn Cymru!

Who has been your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All photos in this article courtesy of Thomas Hanses for

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