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Junior Eurovision 2019 | The second rehearsals begin!

The second rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2019 have begun at the Gliwice Arena in Poland. Let's see how the first five acts faired for their second time on the Junior Eurovision stage!


Isea from Albania treated us all to another strong performance of her song. She brought emotion and power to her performance as she belted out her song with passion. Looking lovely in her pink and blue dress, she wowed us all with her impressive vocals and good stage presence.


Pink seems to be this years theme, as the angelic performer enters the stage through gates. Dressed in pink, and beaming with confidence Karina certainly gives a very colourful performance. There is no nightmare of a rehearsal, as she colours her dream with a very slick performance. She seems to hit all the notes, and sings well. The visual element is very bright with many different colours being present. The butterflies are a lovely effect, with the performance ending with a rousing finish and pyrotechnics. She has done a very good job.


Jordan gave a good, solid performance on stage. He appeared confident and comfortable on stage as he gave a good performance of his song. Although he got off to a bit of a shaky start, he gained more and more confidence as he rattled through his run-throughs with ease. The dancers appear very confident on stage. They work well with the song and all five boys look very happy on stage.


Belarus- It's Belarus' second rehearsal, and as usual the standard is very high once again this year. Both the performer, and dancers look very comfortable, and relaxed. The song almost echoes last year where it contained very modern elements. Colourful neon, yellows, and pinks standout with the performance doing a good job at engaging the younger voter.


Carla and her dancers have brought a lot of energy and power to the stage once again. With a different outfit to her first rehearsal, Carla shined on stage among a very colourful and eye catching back drop, which suits the song perfectly. They all look very happy and confident up on stage, and we think that France will achieve another great result.

Have you seen the rehearsal clips yet? Who has been your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All photos in this article courtesy of Thomas Hanses for

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