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Eurovision 2020 | Record Number Of Submission's For Latvia's Supernova

News in from Latvia today, as it has been revealed that the country has received a record breaking number of submissions for their national final 'Supernova'.

The window for entries closed yesterday, with the number of songs being received culminating in a total of 126. It will be the sixth year in the row that the country has opted to use this national final, despite the country only qualifying twice since they have used this selection method.

The project producer for the show llze Janstone has revealed that several artists have submitted more than one song, and that there is a diverse range of genres, which include more females, and more songs in the national language.

This year Carousel won the selection, and this is what they had to say when Eurovoxx interviewed them:

The winners of the 2019 edition were Carousel, who represented Latvia with the song, "That Night". Unfortunately it languished in the semi final placing 15th scoring 50 points. Can they do better next year?

Are you looking forward to Supernova this year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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