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Eurovision 2020 | Euroclub venue in Rotterdam has been revealed

The City Councilor for Rotterdam, Said Kasmi, has revealed that the venue for Euroclub 2020 will be Maassilo, which is a former grain elevator and grain silo located on the waterfront in Rotterdam at Maashaven Zuidzijde. Maassilo has been used as an events and entertainment venue since 2004 and has a capacity of around 5,000.

But apart from being the venue for Euroclub 2020, Maassilo also has another Eurovision connection. Duncan Laurence created his Eurovision-winner, Arcade at a studio based in the venue.

The Euroclub will run every night for the main Eurovision week, and access will be restricted to accredited fans, delegations and journalists, and the artists themselves.

So, are you ready to party the night away in Rotterdam?

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