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Andorra | Is a Eurovision return on the cards for Andorra?

Andorran website El Nacional have reported that Andorra is looking at making a Eurovision comeback after a break of 10 years. The government of Andorra have confirmed that the country are very interested in returning to Eurovision, but first they need to look at their finances before making a final decision, stating: "RTVA will return to Eurovision but, before, a cost assessment must be made"

The government of Andorra, alongside Andorra's national tourism industry, see their return to Eurovision as a very good and positive thing, as it "allows the artists of the country to have an international projection and to spread our cultural activity". Local Andorran political group Ciutadans Compromesos added: "Return to the competition would be positive, although it would be an important cost for the station, although the issue lies in the management of the budget available and the prioritization of projects. But in any case, it would be good that it could be assumed".

This news comes as quite a surprise to many people as Andorra have said on many occasions since their withdrawal that they would not be returning to Eurovision.

The previous General Director for Andorran broadcaster RTVA, Enric Castellet, has commented on Andorra's potential Eurovision return by saying: "I want us to return for the press that moves, the networks that do not stop talking and the millions of spectators who see it, because all of this translates into great publicity for Andorra that it could hardly be done otherwise".

At present, it is unknown when exactly Andorra will return to the Eurovision stage. Andorran broadcaster RTVA have still yet to respond to the reports made by El Nacional, and a full financial assesment will be need to be carried out before they return.


Andorra made their Eurovision debut in Istanbul in 2004 with Marta Roure singing "Jugarem a estimar-nos". They went onto have a further five participations before withdrawing in 2010.

Andorra didn't have a very good track record in Eurovision after failing to qualify to the final on each participation. Their best result came from the band Anonymous in 2007 when they finished in 12th place in the semi final with "Salvem el món", whilst their worst result was in 2006 when Jenny finished in last place with only 8 points.

Check out our reaction video to Andorra's first and last Eurovision entries:

Would you like to see Andorra return to Eurovision? What is your favourite Andorran Eurovision song? Let us know in the comments below!

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