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Junior Eurovision 2019 | The full running order for Junior Eurovision 2019 released

November 18, 2019


The EBU have just released the full running order of the participants of this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Earlier this afternoon, the opening ceremony took place in Gliwice's neighbouring city, Katowice. All the 19 participants walked down the red carpet and the first, last and host city Poland's running order were revealed. This is where we found out that Australia will open the show, Serbia will close and Poland will be performing in the 11th slot. The full running order are as follows:



  1. Australia

  2. France

  3. Russia

  4. North Macedonia

  5. Spain

  6. Georgia

  7. Belarus

  8. Malta

  9. Wales

  10. Kazakhstan

  11. Poland

  12. Ireland

  13. Ukraine

  14. The Netherlands

  15. Armenia

  16. Portugal

  17. Italy

  18. Albania

  19. Serbia


The participants will start rehearsing tomorrow at the Gliwice Arena and will be rehearsing throughout the week. However the first rehearsals will be closed off and only delegations would be able to see them. It's only until the 2nd rehearsals, which is set to begin on Thursday, where the press as well as delegations are able to view the rehearsals. The final will take place on Sunday 24th November at 15:00 CET.


You can watch the opening ceremony below:


What do you think of the running order? Tell us in the comments below and on our social media.

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