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Eurovision l Klarity and PARVANI VIOLET have won this weeks duel in EMA FREŠ

Another week has passed in the Slovenian online contest selection EMA FREŠ. We heard music from young musicians with their hope to take their place in the EMA FREŠ final. Now we have the result for the second week of EMA FREŠ. Klarity and PARVANI VIOLET won against the competition they had during the week. Like the previous week, we heard pop inspired songs with some indie, pop and jazz genres. It seems to be the theme of this competition and what I predicted during to what these artists have done before.

First to compete this week was Klarity and Tilen Lotrič on November 11th. Both of these songs had something that you can see develop to something good. Klarity's song felt it was sung from the heart, that she wanted to tell us something about the story she had written for us listeners. Tilen in the other hand had a more of a radio friendly song, which isn't wrong at all. I thought his music in general is what people would listen to more on a daily basis and I believe he will have a bright future even if he don't get to the final in the end.

Second to compete was Marko Škof and Petra Ceglar during November 12th. It's no secret that one of my favourites this week was Petra Ceglar. I have been all over her music before and think she fits really good to represent herself in the final in EMA 2020. We can't forget about Marko who sung a beautiful ballad song and his voice was really good and fit the message he tried to bring out to all of us.

Third to compete was PARVANI VIOLET and Sara Peteršič during November 13th. Here we have another one of my favourites that I think has a chance to compete for a place in EMA 2020. PARVANI VIOLET had a such a groovy blues song that I can listen to during a dark November night and drink hot chocolate to. I liked also hearing another rock inspired song from Sara. Like I said before, it's refreshing to hear women produce this kind of music that most of the Eurovision fans don't listen to on a regular basis.

In the first duel Klarity won with her song "Diham", in the second round Petra Ceglar won with her song "Srce Naglas", and in the third round PARVANI VIOLET won with her song "Cupid".

Even if Tilen Lotrič, Marko Škof, Petra Ceglar and Sara Peteršič didn't win, they can still compete in the round with the other "Happy Loosers" and get trough to EMA FREŠ final. We can only hope it will go well for each of the artists in the online contest!

Here you can watch this week's finalists in EMA FREŠ and listen to the commentators thoughts on the songs.

Are you pleased with the results of the finalists? Who was your favourite in EMA FREŠ?

Tell us on the comment below or on our social media.

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