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Eurovision 2020 l Stella and Younite have won this week's first final in EMA FREŠ

This has been an intense week during EMA FREŠ with the voting between the artists. I was surprised about the results they showed us, even if it was demo versions of the songs they performed. Like I wrote before, it was expected that the songs were going to have influence of indie and soul music, but I was surprised to hear some rock also. It wasn't a single song that I didn't like, but there were songs that pleased me more than others.

But, I want to talk more about what stood out among the artists. What I liked about Stella, was the tried to make a version of her own music video to make it more professional looking with her song. I was amazed by Pia Nina's voice, like I have been before and I hope to see more of her in the Slovenian music industry.

Soulution made a music video more out in nature to make it more soothing to match their song and I really liked it and their harmony when they sing together is beautiful. Then we have the couple Younite that every competition needs. They brought a connection out of this world by singing in English, so a broader audience could understand what they wanted to bring out to the listeners.

I really like that Astrin In Avantgarden tried to continue write a song that's more artistic than the others and collaborate with her voice to bring out her message. I'm really impressed that Martina wanted to stand out with a rock inspired song that can please the regular listeners. I think breaking through with a song like that as a woman she can also show that you can count on her to bring a voice out of this world.

First to compete was Stella and Pia Nina on November 4th, second to compete on November 5th was Soulution and Younite, third to compete during November 6th was Astrid in Avantgarden and Martina. You could watch their performances on RTVSLO's different social media platforms, where you could listen to the demo versions of their songs they sent in to EMA FREŠ.

In the first duel Stella won with her song "Ne Vem, Če Sem U Redu", in the second round Younite won with their song "The Cure", and in the third round Martina won with her song "Pleši".

Even if Pia Nina, Soulution and Astrid In Avantgarden didn't win, they can still compete in the round with the other "Happy Loosers" and get trough to EMA FREŠ final. We can only hope it will go well for each of the artists in the online contest!

Here you can watch this week's finalists in EMA FREŠ and listen to the commentators thoughts on the songs.

Are you pleased with the results of the finalists? Who was your favorite in EMA FREŠ?

Tell us on the comment below or on our social media.

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