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Eurovision 2020 | Government funding decision to be made public on November 25th

The Dutch government will make their decision public regarding government funding for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam next may on November 25th. If they do grant funding, this would be used by Dutch broadcaster NPO to aid in hosting the contest.

On November 25th, there will be a debate in the Dutch parliament regarding the additional funding for NPO, who are asking for the minster for media to pass a one-off funding package worth around 15 to 20 million euros, to make sure the broadcaster can effectively and adequately host the competition in 2020.

Chairman of NPO, Shula Rijxman has stated in the past:

"The public service broadcaster has undergone significant cuts and another cut is coming. This is a wonderful event in which the Netherlands is put on the map both economically and culturally. It is really a party from and for the Netherlands. We will therefore ask The Hague for that money."

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is set to be held on 12th, 14th and 16th may at the Rotterdam Ahoy arena.

Watch Eurovoxx's reaction to Rotterdam being announced as the host city below!

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