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#ThrowbackThursday | Dutch Eurovision victories!

Eurovoxx is starting a brand new weekly article series where you can get to know all about the past Eurovision Song Contests! Every Thursday a brand new #throwbackthursday article will be published, and in honour of Duncan Laurence's win at Eurovision 2019, we'll start off with all the Dutch Eurovision winners!

1957: Corry Brokken - "Net Als Toen"

The second edition of The Eurovision Song Contest was held in Frankfurt, Germany and won by Corry Brokken with her song 'Net Als Toen'.

Though it was only the second Eurovision ever, it wasn't Corry Brokken's first one. In 1956 in Lugano, she already represented The Netherlands with her song 'Voorgoed Voorbij'.

In 1958, the year after she won, she represented The Netherlands on home ground with the song 'Heel De Wereld', which brought her to 9th place in Hilversum.

When Eurovision 1976 was held in The Hague, Corry Brokken hosted the show. Corry Brokken went on to win 2 Edisons, (which are important awards in the Dutch music industry), in 1963 and 1995.

Sadly Corry Brokken passed away in 2016, aged 83.

1959: Teddy Scholten - "Een Beetje"

The Netherland's second win was in 1959, when Teddy Scholten sang her song 'Een Beetje' in Cannes. After her victory Teddy Scholten got her own television show, together with her husband Henk Scholten, called 'Zaterdagavondakkoorden' and she hosted a couple of other television and radio shows too.

In 1965 and 1966 she hosted the Dutch national final for Eurovision.

In the 1960's Corry Brokken was the voice for the famous radio show 'Dutch Light Music' which aired in English speaking countries as well.

Halfway through the 1970's she sadly stopped her singing career, and proceeded to do work for the Netherlands Red Cross. She sadly passed away in 2010, aged 83.

1969: Lenny Kuhr - "De Troubadour"

Ten years after the last Dutch win, The Netherlands got another win, in 1969. But they had to share it with three other countries - France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Dutch singer Lenny Kuhr sang her song 'De Troubadour' in Madrid. After her Eurovision win, Lenny Kuhr became a successful French language singer, and participated in a handful of contests. Just like Corry Brokken, Lenny Kuhr also won an Edision in 1972.

Her latest album called 'Het Lied Gaat Door' was presented on the same date she won Eurovision, exactly 59 years later. Lenny Kuhr is still active and still touring in different European cities.

1975: Teach-In - "Ding-A-Dong"

Not long after the last win, The Netherlands once again won the contest. The band Teach-in performed The song 'Ding-A-Dong' in Stockholm. This was The Netherlands fourth win and their last one for 44 years!

In 1976 lead singer Getty Kaspers left the band to pursue a solo career. After this, she toured with the band Balloon. Even though she stepped away from the pop-music scene in 1979, she released a new LP in 1982.

In April 2019 Getty Kaspers released a biography about her life. Getty Kaspers is still active in the dutch Eurovision world, and is often present at events like Eurovision In Concert. On December 15th, Getty Kaspers will sing her song 'Ding-A-Dong' once again in the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, during 'Het grote Songfestival feest'. For tickets and the full line-up you can click here.

2019: Duncan Laurence - "Arcade"

After 9 non-qualifications between 2005 and 2012; 44 years of not winning and a surprise second place in 2014, The Netherlands took a turn for the better!

After a couple of well known Dutch artists, Duncan Laurence was the first relatively unknown artist in a long time to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision.

Duncan Laurence performed his song 'Arcade' in Tel Aviv, and won the contest with 498 points. Duncan has previously participated in the Dutch version of the voice in 2014.

Duncan Laurence recently released his new song 'Love Don't Hate it', which you can hear below:


While awaiting the next Dutch representative, watch our interview with the latest winner, Duncan Laurence, at Eurovision in Concert 2019 in Amsterdam:

Who is your favourite dutch winner? Let us know in the comments down below!


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