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Eurovision 2020 l Melodi Grand Prix Norway will reveal their first finalists on January 3rd

ESC Norway have revealed during a livestream they had yesterday on their facebook page with the head of Melodi Grand Prix Norway, that they are going to present their first five finalists for the National Final on January 3rd. Stig Karlsen has also revealed more details about the new arrangement they have for next years edition of Melodi Grand Prix 2020.

On January 3rd there will be a big press conference where the five finalists will be revealed. We aren't going to be able to listen to the songs during the time where the artists are announced. The day before every heat the songs will be revealed for every wildcard finalist. Every finalist will also perform their song during each of the five heats.

Monday before every heat we are going to be able to know who the four artists will be and what songs they are going to compete with. In the heat the four artists and songs will compete in a duel against each other.

The biggest news is that there will no longer be a jury in the competition next year. Norwegian people are going to be the ones that will decide who's going to go through the heats to the national final. They are also going be the ones that will decide who's going to be the winner for Norway and represent them in Rotterdam next year.

"We have created a model where a professional jury has chosen the five who are directly qualified, therefore the power must lie with the Norwegian people, they are the ones who must choose a winner. When a professional jury has chosen the five, it is up to you to decide and we have full confidence in the people.” says Karlsen

We are going to have more news from Melodi Grand Prix next week and the tickets will be released, and more info is coming about the National Final. Stig Karlsen has also revealed that MGP fans, including escNorway and Grand Prix-club are going to one-day early access to buy tickets, before everyone else. There will also be packages, and it will be cheaper than last year to buy tickets to all the shows.

It looks like the broadcasts will be held for one hour and 15 minutes, and there will be draws to decide which songs will go against each other in a duel. The heats will be held in H3 arena in Bærum, right outside of Oslo. Stig Karlson says:

"We have an awareness of ensuring that the program is a tribute to the region, but it is mostly about the artists. They come from the region and were raised there, with the music and the culture. Can't go into too much detail about this yet."

There are going to be 25 artists that will compete for the win. ESC Norway have also asked Stig Karlsen if we will see some familiar faces next year. He confirmed that we will see some familiar faces and that we are going to see new artists that aren't known to the public. If it will be like previous years, the National Final will be held in Oslo Spektrum arena.

The hosts are going to be revealed early in December. So that will be exciting to hear about who is going to make the show even better with the ability to interact with the audience.

Dates for Melodi Grand Prix to the regional heats and the Final:

11 January:

Heat 1 with four songs that have connection to Eastland

18 January:

Heat 2 with four songs that have connection to Southland

25 January:

Heat 3 with four songs that have connection to Middle Norway

1 February:

Heat 4 with four songs that have connection to North Norway

8 February:

Heat 5 with four songs that have connection to West Norway

15 February:

Final with 10 songs from the hole country


Here you can watch when Andy reacted to Melodi Grand Prix Norway 2019

What are your thoughts on the new voting system for Melodi Grand Prix Norway 2020? Who do think will compete in MGP Norway? Tell us in the comment below or on our social media.

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