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Eurovision 2020 l Erasmus University in Rotterdam will hold an academic conference about Eurovision

In Rotterdam an academic conference will be held about exploring music, identity, media and politics to get know the Eurovision Song Contest a little bit more. It will be titled "EURovision 2020", and will be hosted by the School of History, Culture and Communication at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, on May 6th and 7th 2020. The source from this is from Julian Schaap, Assistant Professor of Cultural Sociology that published this on Twitter. They are going to invite scholars of various disciplines to submit an abstract on this or related topics.

Here you have all the details about the submission paper

Details for the submission is that Erasmus University want to spread awareness about how effective the Eurovision Song Contest is across many subjects such as history, tradition, nationality, role of music impact, politics, diversity and so on. You have to write an article with 250 words, and the abstract should also include three keywords to help accurately classify submissions. Similarly, a short biography containing your name, email address, institutional affiliation and position should be included. The submission deadline is 20th December 2019. This is sent to

Notifications of acceptance for papers will be sent before January 17th 2020. The conference will cost €80.00 to attend. An optional conference dinner will also be organised in due course.

Research/Master/PhD students are encouraged to apply, with the chance to win a waiver of the conference fee.


Here you can watch the Eurovoxx Team's livestream when Rotterdam was announced as the host city

What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comment below and on our social media.

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