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Eurovision 2020 | Czech Republic reveal plans to drop televised national final

Czech broadcaster Česká Televize made an announcement on their official social media pages this evening, revealing plans to drop the previously scheduled televised national final in favour of an "even better" online selection method.

The post also details the decision for there to be video clips for each entry once again, and all of the competing artists for this edition of the Czech national final have never competed in it before.

Česká Televize additionally announced changes to the final date, which was originally set for 25th January. The dates for Eurovision Song CZ are now as follows:

6th January: Press conference revealing artists

13th January: Entries published and voting opens

26th January: Voting closes

The results will be announced the week following the voting closure date.

This move follows the departure of former Czech Head of Delegation Jan Bors and the instalment of the new Head of Delegation, Cyril Hirsch.

In 2019, the Czech Republic were represented in the Eurovision Song Contest by indie band Lake Malawi and their song "Friend of a Friend". Below, you can watch Eurovoxx's interview with the band in Tel Aviv!

What do you think of the changes made to Eurovision Song CZ by Česká Televize? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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