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Eurovision 2020 l What kind of music can we expect to hear in EMA FREŠ?

Tomorrow will be the first duel between the 18 contestants in EMA FREŠ. This is the first time EMA FREŠ is going to be held in Slovenia. Thanks to Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl who made it possible because of their popularity in Eurovision when they competed for Slovenia this year.

10am CET tomorrow is when the first duel will start. At the end of every week when the six contestants have been revealed we will know which two have been voted by the public to get to the second round, and the third who has been voted by an expert panel in the jury. You can read here about what the duels mean and what happens during the selection process.

Quick information: For those who don't know what EMA FREŠ is. It's an online contest, like a selection to the big final in Slovenia's national final that will pick a representative for Rotterdam next year. This selection was created to put young musicians between 16 and 26 years old forward in the music industry, especially after Zala and Gašper's success in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. The broadcaster RTVSLO saw something in this and thought it would be a good idea to create something for young people to be recognised by their music.

What kind of music can we expect to hear in EMA FREŠ?

After listening to what the artists have produced before entering EMA FREŠ, from what I have analysed, I can say the music isn't going to be very uptempo for the listeners to hear. Most of the artists have done music more to the indie pop/indie/soul/jazz genre.

We will also hear most of the music in the Slovenian language, but I think there will also be a few English songs or part of the songs will be in English, mostly for the English listeners. However, we could also be surprised what these young talented people can bring to the Eurovision Song Contest and the world. Zala and Gašper have definitely marked something and made it possible for young musicians to take a bigger place in the music industry in Slovenia.

Follow EMA Slovenia for more information about their selection process and you can also listen to some of the artists singing here.

We can hope that this kind of selection process is going to be successful for EMA and Slovenia to be recognised as a country that takes music as serious as anybody else in Eurovision Song Contest. This is also a way to develop the selection process to be more modern and with the times.

We have seen this the last two years that Slovenia have sent more modern music and maybe it's also a sign that the music industry is changing in Slovenia. Raven, who was the runner-up this year in EMA 2019, performed with a futuristic pop song called "KAOS".

Here you can watch Andy's interview with Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl that competed for Slovenia in Tel Aviv, Israel

Are you ready for EMA FREŠ? What are your expectations for the contestants?

Tell us in the comments bellow and on our social media.

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