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Eurovision 2020 l Bulgaria is coming back to compete in Rotterdam 2020

It has been discussed for a long time if Bulgaria would be coming back to Eurovision. The Bulgarian broadcaster BNT have announced today that they are coming back next year to Rotterdam in The Netherlands. After a year long pause due to financial problems, now we can finally see Bulgaria coming back hopefully with a strong song like in between 2016 and 2018.

This time BNT are lucky that they had an opportunity to get back to the contest due to a sponsor that will help them with the financial costs. General director Emil Koslukov explained that this sponsor will pay for the creation of the song and the video, the stage costumes, the presentation of the song abroad and the business trips of the BNT delegation in The Netherlands. For now, this sponsor is anonymous to the public. The sponsor is going to be presented at a press conference on television. BNT have also revealed that this sponsor has already signed a contract to a production company that will choose who's going to perform along with the song for Bulgaria next year. The production company will additionally include a successful English company that have worked with big stars such as Beyonce. General director Emils own words about this:

"Many people have have money, but few invest in culture. Therefore, I am very grateful to the sponsor that he will make this happen for BNT. This is not money thrown in the wind. Bulgaria have had strong performances in Eurovision, so it is worth continuing this trend, and why not pursue a global production activity"

Watch when Eurovoxx interviewed Equinox and Kristian Kostov at last years Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam.

This is really big news and makes us wonder who they will send what song they will choose for Rotterdam next year. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below and on our social media.

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