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Eurovision 2020 l 50/50 voting will still remain after the delegations have voted

Tonight it has been revealed by the Head of Delegation for Greece, that the delegations voted to keep the current voting split at a meeting in September. The EBU asked the delegations what their views were on the current voting system and if it needed to be changed. At the EBU meeting the delegations voted 80% in favour for the current voting system.

Ms Koufopulou, the Head of International relations at ERT and Head of Delegation for Greece, explained to Sputnik that most of the delegations want to have 50% jury and 50% public vote mixed together. At the meeting, the delegations were split into groups to come up with new ideas of how the voting methods could be changed for the better.

She also explained during that meeting, the issue about the feasibility of jury voting in small nations was raised. This was called into question due to smaller countries having it much harder than bigger countries finding music professionals not associated with the record label of the competing entries.

The voting was last changed in 2016, when the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Stockholm, Sweden. The EBU decided that the points of the jury and the televote should be announced separately. Prior to this, between 2009 and 2015, the results were combined with an overall result for each nation.

Watch Eurovoxx team's live reaction of the Grand Final voting from Eurovision Song Contest 2019, in Tel Aviv, Israel

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