Eurovision 2020 | Jan Bors steps down as head of delegation for the Czech Republic

Jan Bors, the head of delegation for the Czech Republic at the Eurovision song contest has quit his role which he has held since 2015. He announced in a lengthy post on his social media accounts that he will be leaving the Czech broadcaster Česká Televize, thus stepping down from his position.

In the post, he details his feelings on leaving Česká Televize and how he was able to develop himself personally as well as professionally and looks back positively on his experiences over the last four years.

Bors also went explained how the Eurovision Song Contest as a whole helped him in his development and how the contest has given him opportunities. He said:

"I have been given the opportunity to learn constantly and this desire to absorb new things, improve and apply modern approaches has not left me yet. I was given the opportunity to learn from the best European artists in the world and see the passion, the desire to do things even better. Not to be afraid to use new things and methods. Just go ahead."

A few days ago, the now-former head of delegation shared a lengthy interview on his social media announcing that there will be 8 songs in the Czech national final, Czech Republic Decides.

Are you disappointed about Jan Bors stepping down from his position? What do you expect from Czech Republic Decides in the future after his departure? Let us know in the comments down below or on our social media!

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