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Slovenia l Duel dates for EMA Freš 2020 have been announced

The first stage of the Slovenian online contest selection EMA Freš has been announced. RTVSLO revealed on their Instagram page today which artist are going to compete against who in the first round. In total there will be nine duels among the 18 contestants in EMA Freš. Duel dates for the first round:

4/11 - Stella VS Pia Nina

5/11 - Soulution VS Younite

6/11 - Astrid in Avantgarden VS Martina

11/11 - Klarity VS Tilen Lotrič

12/11 - Marko Škof VS Petra Ceglar

13/11 - Parvani Violet VS Sara Peteršič

18/11 - Saška VS Ljudmila Frelih

19/11 - Alfirev VS Nuša Pliberšek

20/11 - Marmoris VS Lana Hrvatin

In every duel, the public will decide trough an online voting who will qualify every Friday, and that entry will be the winner who will go to the next round. Two weekly winners will be chosen and the third entry will be chosen to advance to the second round by an expert panel.

During the first three weeks of EMA Freš, six artists will qualify. Those 12 acts or "lucky losers" that don't qualify will follow the same system in a online competition called "happy losers" in the next two weeks, where four more acts will be included in the final selection of EMA Freš.

Final round will include 10 finalist of EMA Freš that will try to compete for a place in EMA 2020. One entry will be chosen by the public and the other entry will be chosen by a professional jury with experts in the panel.

This is going to be a really interesting competition to follow because it's the first time Slovenia is holding an online contest. Are you exited for this? Who are you hoping to qualify to EMA 2020? Tell us in the comments below!

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