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New Music | Duncan Laurence's long awaited new single and more!

ESC 2019's winner drops hotly anticipated new single, plus other new releases from Norwegian fan favourites KEiiNO and Slovenian electro-pop duo zalagasper.

It's been a long wait for Duncan Laurence's fans, but after five months following his big win in Tel Aviv, the Dutch singer-songwriter has released the first single since that victorious moment – which is just his second ever as a solo artist.

'Love Don't Hate It' follows in the footsteps of Laurence's Eurovision hit as an emotive power-pop tune driven by his stirring vocals. Unlike the raw heartbreak of 'Arcade' – which proved to be a tear-jerker for many listeners – the new single is more bittersweet in it's nature. It opens with Laurence plainly stating 'I wasn't ready for this', delving into the sudden nature of falling in love and the uncertainty that follows.

On his Instagram, Laurence explained how the song relates to sexuality:

"...There are no boundaries, no limits when it comes to love. It’s the purest thing we have in this world and yet so many people, including myself, have to fight for it every single day. Because of their looks, their beliefs, their gender, their sexuality. Because of what others judge them for. LOVE DON’T HATE IT is a song about fighting for who you are and who you choose to love. Because in the end it is always your choice to make..."

Laurence previously came out as bisexual prior to the contest. As he's currently touring Europe with his new material, further releases are expected in the coming months along with an album.

Norway's KEiiNO has us "Dancing In the Smoke"!

The Norwegian trio who made a big impact with 'Spirit In The Sky' premiered the video for their new anthem 'Dancing In The Smoke'. Although it's not the first of their new material to hit streaming platforms since their Top 10 finish at Eurovision, KEiiNO's latest is perhaps the closest to a spiritual successor. Loaded with a driving eurodance beat and topped with catchy vocal harmonies, the new song keeps the group's Scandinavian roots at the forefront with string melodies and, of course, Fred's characteristic joiking.

Melodi Grand Prix viewers may also recognize a familiar face on the violin. Ingrid Berg Mehus competed in MGP 2019 with the ethereal dream-pop song 'Feel'. Although the duty of representing Norway in Tel Aviv was ultimately granted to KEiiNO, their collaboration proves that artists can work together even after going head-to-head in competition.

Zalagasper are feeling your 'signals'

Lastly, Slovenian duo zalagasper are back with 'signals', another lo-fi indie pop tune to ease your mind. Many remember their Eurovision performance of 'Sebi' for the incredibly feeling of intimacy on stage, with the young performers staring into each other's eyes as the camera swirled around them. It was also described as feeling like a lullaby, having a soft electronic bed that supported Zala's tender singing.

The new single brings that same dreamlike feeling. It's soothing synth pads and gentle percussion are paired with bursts of vocal chops and stuttering hi-hats, adding moments of excitement to it's largely mellow soundscape. The animated video takes this further with artwork that gives the feeling of a storybook unfolding.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Write us a comment below!

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