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Italy | San Remo changes its rules regarding Eurovision

The Italian broadcaster, RAI, have announced the rules for Sanremo 2020, which include new rules regarding The Eurovision Song Contest.

Unlike in previous years, where the winner of Sanremo had the option to refuse participating in Eurovision, the rules now state that all participants and their record labels must submit a form to the broadcaster, stating whether or not they will participate in Eurovision. This form must be sent to the broadcaster by the first night of Sanremo at the very latest.

If the winner of Sanremo has not submitted their form to the broadcaster by the deadline, the broadcaster reserves the right to chose another artist who will represent Italy at Eurovision.

Since Italy returned to Eurovision in 2011, there has only been one occasion where the winner of Sanremo has not gone to Eurovision; In 2016, Sanremo winners Stadio decided they did not want to participate in Eurovision, and instead, the runner-up, Francesca Michielin was chosen to represent Italy instead.

The new Eurovision rules also mean that there will not be a repeat of the winner debating whether or not to do Eurovision, as was the case with Mahmood this year - he didn't confirm his Eurovision participation until a few days after he won Sanremo.

Sanremo 2020 will begin on February 4th and will be take place across 5 days, with the final on February 8th, where will we know who will be representing Italy in Rotterdam.

What do you make of these new rules? And who would you like to see in Sanremo 2020?

Let us know in the comments below!

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