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Junior Eurovision 2019 | Spain reveals Melani's backing vocalists and set designer.

Junior Eurovision 2019 is getting closer and closer, and now, we are finding out more information about the different entries of each country. The latest news come from Spain, where the Spanish public broadcaster RTVE have released more information about Melani's performance in Poland.

Melani won't be alone in Gliwice-Silesia; a group of four girls will join her on stage as her backing vocalists: Edurne, Yara, Violeta and María. They all have training in singing and dancing, and have experience in participating in various television programs.

They are so excited about Junior Eurovision and speak about that in a short interview on RTVE Online: “Working with Melanie is really amazing. Your voice is incredible. Melani and her team have made us feel comfortable”, Violeta explains. “It has been a lovely experience. We have felt at home when we were in the studio”, Yara adds.

In relation to the subject of the song, the girls are also worried about the environment problems and see 'Marte' as a tool to help raise awareness against pollution. “The song is a great choice. It's about a very important problem. It will help raise awareness in society so as not to contaminate”, Edurne says.

Check out the video (in Spanish) below:

All of the girls will be directed by Nicoline Refsing, who is Spain's set designer for Junior Eurovision 2019. Nicole has had previous experience in Eurovision; for Eurovision 2014, she was Creative Director and Content Producer, as well as working with Conchita and The Common Linnets in 2014, Aminata in 2015 and Dami Im and Francesca Michelini in 2016.

Nicoline Refsing is working hard on the staging for Melani. “There will be Eurovision's brightness. I love the song, it's very catchy. I have created a beautiful and cheerful staging that give extra power to the Melani's extraordinary talent” Refsing explains on RTVE.

Nicoline shows herself committed to the song's message, and explains that its message will be reflected on the stage:

“This song is about a very serious problem, about how the oceans are filling with plastic. And I've been reflecting a lot on how to design this staging. It's great that the youngest people care about the environment; but also that they keep that vision of hope that, as adults, we must strengthen”.

What do you expect from Melani's performance? How do you imagine her staging will be? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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