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Eurovision 2020 l EBU is thinking of making changes to the voting system

Picture: Vertele!

This is big news that has come to everyone, that EBU might change the voting system Eurovision 2020. Spanish website Vertele!, that writes about television related news, have revealed in a interview with RTVE's enternainment director Toñi Prieto about the plans for next years edition of Eurovision. She revealed with her own words about this rumor: "In any case, the EBU is considering taking a turn to the voting. They are thinking and talking with the delegations to know how we see it. If you must have a jury, exclusively only with a jury or only with an audience"

This is really interesting after EBU have gotten different critics through the years about the voting system and how they should handle it. Among the fans, it have been discussed how someone can win without not winning the jury and the televote. It have also been discussed how five jury members can have more power than all the massive group of people that make up the televotes.

What are your thoughts on the current voting system? Should it be changed or stay the same? Let us know in the comments below!

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