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Junior Eurovision 2019 | Kazakhstan releases the official video of 'Armanyńnan Qalma'

Fans of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest have really been spoilt this week, as country, after country have released their official video's, and entries to the songs that they will sing in Gliwice. Today has been no exception that has seen Portugal, Poland, Wales, and now Kazakhstan all officially releasing the music video's accompanying their entries.

Kazakhstan only entered the competition last year, but the hype surrounding them seems to have grown even more since young Yerzhan Maxim was internally selected. Since it has been up on Youtube it has received over 10,000 clicks, with that increasing every minute. The young talent will sing, 'Armanyńnan Qalma' with the video being able to be viewed below:

This performance, along with the song has certainly captured the true spirit of the contest, and is magical in its presentation, and should definitely win plenty of votes this year. Kazakhstan have certainly, "shared the joy" this year. The video shows young, Yerzhan in a forest surrounded by friends with a camp fire glowing. Each child places their wish in the fire with each seemingly come true. There are those that really wish this song to win. It could certainly do that. It epitomises everything Junior Eurovision.

Last year. the country debuted at the contest when Daneliya Tuleshova would sing "Ózińe sen". Despite not getting the result that they had wished, the country still placed a respectable 6th, and has seen many hoping to see Kazakhstan appear at the adult contest too.

What do you think of the official video? Do you think Kazakhstan will make top five this year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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