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Eurovision 2020 | Latvia confirms a new edition of Supernova

It has been a worrying summer for those fans of Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Fears over financing issues, have made the national broadcaster for Latvia (LTV) rethink its Eurovision strategy. However, good news has been announced today by LTV who have confirmed that there will be a sixth edition of Supernova, whose final will be celebrated on Saturday 8th February 2020.

From today, all national, and international authors, composers who wish to represent the Baltic Republic in Rotterdam can submit their proposals until the 20th November 2019. In relation to the singers, they must have Latvian nationality. It is unknown if the number of shows will be reduced just to the final show. Details of how the candidates will be chosen have also yet to be formally announced.

The Latvian broadcaster, along with some other nations have faced a financing crisis during this summer. This has led to the issue being discussed in the Latvian National Parliament. In addition to the financing crisis, LTV have also faced a Eurovisive calamity that has made the delegation rethink its future at the contest. This has been down to the Baltic nation failing to qualify for Eurovision's grand final, and languishing in the semi's. This combined with low audience figures nearly resulted in a change of format.

Do you think Supernova could bring Latvia a good result in Rotterdam? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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