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Junior Eurovision 2019 | Poland releases the official video of 'Superhero'

October 10, 2019



There has been much excitement surrounding the Polish Junior Eurovision entry this year.  Although it has the advantage of being the home song, on home soil, the hype surrounding the entry, "Superhero" has not gone un-noticed with many fans of the competition believing Poland could make it a second win this year.


Today, Wiktoria Gabor has joined a long list of competitors this year to release the official video of her entry.  What is impressive, is in the hour that it has been available to view on Youtube it has surpassed 36,000 views.  This is certainly eclipsing the other artist's video's that have already been released.  You can check the entry out below:



The video itself has much star quality, and see's the talent sing in both English, and Polish.  What is striking is how mature she, and the video presentation is.  This would not go amiss being viewed on MTV, and highlight's TVP's ability to create a winning song, and video.  Wiktoria is in a field, with other young people singing about, "saving the world".  The colours, style, and message are very bright, and convey the messages well.


The music, and lyrics were written by : Małgorzata Uściłowska, Patryk Kumór, Dominic Buczkowski-Wojtaszek​, and sung by Wiktoria who first rose to prominence on 'The Voice Kids'.  Since then, she has found a bigger audience by being her country's chosen participant at Junior Eurovision this year.  


Check out Jess Reacting to, "Superhero" Below:



Last year, Poland won the contest with Roksana Węgiel's song, "Anyone I Want to Be".  Since then the country has really taken the contest to heart, and have put in a lot of effort to find her predecessor. The eastern nation opted to hold a national final this year called, 'Szansa na sukces', that saw Wiktoria crowned the winner. Will she be the winner of the Junior Eurovision 2019?   There is only less than two months to find out.


What do you think of the official video?  Do you think Poland has made the right choice?  Please yell us your thoughts in the comments below.




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