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Junior Eurovision 2019 | Marta Viola will represent Italy at this year's competition.

Another day has passed, which has seen another country select its artist for the up and coming Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Gliwice this November. Today's news comes from Italy who have selected the young singer Marta Viola to be the countries representative at the contest.

Once again, the national broadcaster for Italy, RAI have opted to go internal, and have selected Marta Viola with the song, "La Voce Della Terra" (The Voice Of The Earth). The song, and music video has been officially released today, and can be viewed below:

Just like last year's entry, the country has opted to send a very quaint song. However, with Marta's unique voice it really elevates the entry, and the message it conveys. Although, the official theme to the contest is "Share the Joy", it would seem the unofficial one is, "Save the Planet", as this year's Italian entry follows others that conveys the message of our plant, and the need to save it.

In only an hour it has received a massive six thousand views, which goes to show how popular this country is at the contest. The video itself see's Marta walking through a skyscraper, telling us about the voice of the earth. It is mixed with shots of the young singer surrounded by tree's. Her song has English lyrics accompanying the video which can be seen at the bottom of the screen. More importantly, its the sound of her voice that sells this song.

The song, "La voce della terra" was written by Franco Fasano, and Marco Lardella. It was composed by Emilio Di Stefano, and Fabrizio Palaferri, with the music video being filmed in Turin.

Now that Italy has released their song, has it affected your favourites? Do you think it will do better than last year's entry? Do you like it? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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