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Spain | Six singers were shortlisted for Eurovision 2020

Television broadcaster TVE have announced that Blas Cantó, was one of six shortlisted singers to represent Spain at Eurovision 2020.

Head of Entertainment for TVE, Toñi Prieto, explained at a press conference yesterday that the broadcaster had contacted various record labels to find potential singers for Eurovision. Speaking on why Blas was chosen for Eurovision, Toñi said:

"Because he is a young, versatile boy with a good voice and can sing a song of a style that fits. He is a 360 artist."

Toñi also went on to explain why Spain decided not to use Operación Triunfo as their selection method, as they have done for the past two years:

"For timing, it is impossible to get the candidate from OT. The formula has worked for us on other occasions and we always put the same effort and enthusiasm because both the singer and song triumph."

Check out our reaction video to the announcement that Blas Cantó will represent Spain:

Do you think an internal selection could bring Spain a good result in Rotterdam? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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