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Junior Eurovision 2019 | Ukraine releases it's official video for, 'The Spirit Of Music&#39

This year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Gliwice, Poland. With less than two months until the final, many countries are in full swing with their preparations for the competition. Ukraine is just one of them who have filmed their official music video.

In the last week, five countries have released these official video's, with today seeing Russia, and Ukraine producing these. Sophia Ivanko won the right to represent her home nation, and today has seen the official release of the video, "The Spirit Of Music" which can be viewed below:

This is another entry that has been clocking up the views on the YouTube channel. It has seen it amass nearly 9000 clicks in six hours. Ukraine seems to be winning favour again. The song is slightly changed from the first video release. It has been uplifted, which seems to be appealing to many of the fans.

The song certainly echoes the theme of, "The Spirit of Music" that see's Darina who was Ukraine's last year's Junior Eurovision entrant make a brief, but welcomed guest appearance in the music video. The video see's this young talent walking around several locations of the city, and highlights her talent as she plays the piano, and sings very well. The change in tempo, and video should certainly help gain votes come November.

Check out Jess Reacting to Sophia Ivanko's performance below:

What do you think about this year's Ukraine entry? Do you like the music video? Could it do well? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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