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Junior Eurovision 2019 | More details released about the message behind Melani's environmental a

Thirteen years after the last participation of Spain in Junior Eurovision, Melani García will represent the country this November in Gliwice, Poland. The young singer will do this with the song 'Marte', which has already been released by the Spanish public broadcaster (RTVE). The song has been defined as an anthem in defence of the oceans.

'Marte' ('Mars') is a powerful and epic pop song with lyrical airs. Melani has participated in the composition of the melody with the composer Pablo Mora, who is a member of the Spanish band 'Lagarto Amarillo'. The song is produced with Manu Chalud, who has said, “there are very few singers able to sing this song”. The author also says,

“It’s written like this to be able to show Melani's voice throughout the entire song with two very clear musical styles: one more pop and another more lyrical”.

The song has been released through a lyric video. However, Melani has already filmed the official video of her song in Valencia. This video will be published soon and, according the young singer, it will help to understand the message of the song.

“Your voice can fly today, reach into Mars”, Melani's song says. The singer wants to take advantage of the Eurovision Junior stage to send a message to the whole world, which helps to raise awareness about the situation of the oceans.

'Marte' talks about the climate crisis, a global challenge that affects everyone that has caused millions of people to mobilise these days to call for urgent measures to slow down the damaging effects of climate change. The young artist states that,

“I'm a big fan of Greta Thunberg and what she is doing to save the planet is very important. Governments have to listen to us because, although we are small, we have too much to say. I hope to contribute to this cause with my song".

The composers highlight the positive vision behind the lyrics: A message from the sea to the world through Melani's voice. The sea is explained in a first person tense, and highlights its problems suffered by the very high amount of plastic that humans generate that ends up in the water. At the same time, it proposes solutions and ask people to defend and care it. "On the one hand it's an alarm message, on the other hand it's a hope message" composer says.

Do you like 'Marte'? What do you think of Melani's chances? Could Melani get the second victory for Spain in Junior Eurovision? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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