Junior Eurovision 2019 | Russia releases it's official music video 'A Time For Us'

October 8, 2019


It has been two weeks since Russia chose it's next Junior Eurovision entrants.  Tayana Mezhentseva, and Denberel Oorzhak were crowned the winners with the song, "A Time For Us".  Since then, the national broadcaster has been very busy filming the official video accompanying the song.


Today, the official video for, "A Time For Us" has been released for Russia at the contest.  This entry has been joined by several other nations, that has also seen Ukraine release their official video today too.  Russia's entry can be viewed below:



Released a little over two hours ago, the video is already clocking up some pretty impressive viewing figures, with it reaching a little over five thousand views on YouTube in a short space of time.  "A Time For us" is sung by two very accomplished singers, with the video creating the perfect mood for their voices. 


Nothing other than perfection can be associated with Russia when it comes to their music video's.  This official release, is another one that helps lift the song into another level.  The video shows the two young singers coming together in a post apocalyptic world, where rising sea levels, wildfires are ravaging the world.  It begins with Tayana asking, "message 1676... I don't know what happened, but it changed the world forever".   Both Tayanna, and Denberal re-unite in this world, along with other young children.  However, despite the tragedies that have befallen this world, it is this new generation that are surviving, and carving their place in it. 


Check out Jess reacting to the national final performance below:



  What do you think of Russia's song this year?  Do you like the music video?  Please tell us your thoughts below.

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