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Junior Eurovision 2019 | 'Raise Your Voice' as the Serbian entry is released

It's official, the national broadcaster for Serbia, RTS, in the last few hours have released their entry for this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Gliwice, Poland.

It was already known that Darija Vračević would be the entrant, but today the song has also been released. It is called "Podigni Glas" which translates into, "Raise Your Voice". The song itself was written by the young artist, alongside A. Milutinović, and L. Vukomanović. It can be viewed below:

The song is bound to do well with the juries, and voting public. It is a very anthemic, uptempo song with an important message. Just like many of the entries this year, it is the young generation that are raising their voices in regards to the world, and the state of it.

The songs lyrics tell us that we are guests of this earth, and mother nature has always been here. However, her future is not as strong as before, and that we need to ,"raise your voice, on behalf of us, who together we live the future Raise your voice, do it, for tomorrow everything will be too late".

It has been a fairly lengthy process to the select the singer, and song, as several months ago the broadcaster put out a call for potential entries, and artists. The initial selection saw two finalists make it to the final with Staša Kostadinović and the song “Da, da, da”, and Darija's song "Podigni Glas".

The entries were performed in front of a jury consisting of Silvana Grujić, Anja Rogljić, Uroš Marković, Jelena Vlahović, Dušan Šukletović, Jovana Dukić and Tamara Petković. Ultimately it was the powerful message of Darija's song that convinced the jury that her song should win the golden ticket to Gliwice.

Have you heard the song? What do you think of Darija's chances? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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