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Eurovision 2020 | France will choose their representative via national final

Head of Entertainment for France Televisions, Alexandra Redde-Amiel has confirmed to news and entertainment website Pure Medias that France will be choosing their act for Eurovision 2020 via a national selection show. Discussions between Alexandra and the production company behind Destination Eurovision regarding all aspects of the selection process are well underway.

Alexandra went on to say:

"Our desire is to make the Eurovision brand even more popular. We cannot disappoint, because the Eurovision has become the unmissable event of entertainment in France 2 for viewers. This is the best entertainment audience of the year, the one that brings together all audiences. And the group makes every effort to get even closer to the podium!"

At the present time, it is unknown whether or not France will bring back Destination Eurovision for a third year, of if they will go for something different.

Check out our interview with this years French representative, Bilal, at the London Eurovision Party:

Would you like to see Destination Eurovision return? Would you like to see France try something different? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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