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Eurovision 2020 | Changes to made for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020

Yesterday's Eurovision news came from Belgium, whilst the news today comes from Denmark, and the Danish broadcaster DRK who have revealed plans for the countries national final for next year, that will see changes being made. These will allow the public a greater say in deciding the next act for Rotterdam 2020.

These changes were announced by the head of DR, Gustav Lützhøft who has stated that the public will be able to choose three of the ten national finalists via their P4 radio network. It has also been stated that these three songs will be from a list of nine, and that the chosen 3 from the public will accompany the other 7 that have already been determined by the broadcaster.

Despite DR already pre-determining the 7 entries for the final, the broadcaster has opted to release all sixteen of the songs to the public to make it fair on all. Check out the Eurovoxx interview with Leonora from this year below:

Of the songs, and the national final, the head of DR Gustav Lützhøft, has said,

"The songs in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix are meant to be even more varied than before, so that more people can see their musical interest reflected in the show. On the whole, we would like the music of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to become even more important to many, gather Denmark on the music and songwriting and invite even more people to be part of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix".

The DMGP final will take place on Saturday 7th March 2020, whilst the public are still be able to submit possible potential entries, with the deadline expiring on November 1st 2019, with a diverse range of entries being more favoured by the broadcaster.

It seems that Denmark are keen to emulate the success of recent years that has seen their participants qualify regularly for the final over the last few years. This year, Leonora with the song, "Love Is Forever" qualified for the Eurovision final, that saw it place 12th scoring 120 points.

Are you happy with the news coming from Denmark today? What type of song would you like to see win the selection? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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