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JESC 2019 | The Junior Eurovision Stage All Set

With only three countries left to decide their entrants for the up and coming Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Preparations for the big event, are in full swing, and close to coming to a climax. Today, images were released by official channels showing that this year's Junior Eurovision stage is nearly all set.

An integral part of the show, many fans look forward to the final designs, as it gives them an idea on what they can expect from the host country. TVP have, "Shared the Joy" today, as they have unveiled plans on how it will look come November. Below, the official images have been released.

The Three Images That Were Released By TVP Today

Television Poland wanted to keep the designs in house, as the stage for this year's contest was created by renowned Polish production designer, Giorgios Stylianou Matsis. The images were released on the official Junior Eurovision account on Instagram today.

It seemed almost inevitable that the country would chose to opt to host the show after Roksana Węgiel won in Minsk last year with the song, "Anyone I Want To Be". This year, 19 countries have opted to "Share The Joy" that has seen Spain return after a 14 year absence. It will take place on Sunday November 24th 2019, and held in the Polish city of Gliwice.

What do you think of this year's design of the stage? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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