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JESC 2019 | A Weekend Of Winners As Poland, The Netherlands, And Albania Have Decided.

For fans of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, it has been an exciting weekend as there has been a weekend of winners, with three countries all holding their perspective national finals, choosing their next young stars for Gliwice. Saturday saw, the Netherlands decide, while Sunday saw Poland, and Albania decide.

The Netherlands

Saturday, saw the Netherlands decide first with their national final Songfesitval 2019. Four acts took place with the young singer Matheu win with the song, "Dans Met Jou".

The four acts that participated were Moves, Mannes, 6Times, and Matheu, that saw the national final being hosted by Romy Monteiro, and Buddy Vedder. Check out Eurovoxx team member Twan interview Matheu below:

The finalists also performed a group song "Stars To Shine", before the results were announced. The results were made up of a combination of a kids jury, along with an adult jury, with a combined public vote. The results were as follows:

1) Matheu - "Dans Met Jou" Scoring 36 Points (12 + 12 + 12)

2) 6 Times - "End Of Time" Scoring 28 Points (8 + 10 + 10)

3) Moves - "Make Your Move" Scoring 27 Points ( 10 + 8 + 9)

4) Mannes - "Let Me Sing" Scoring 26 Points ( 9 + 9 + 8)

Check out Jess Reacts To The Winner Below:

It was Matheu that won the vote with all three juries. He has also gained a lot of fans since he was announced as one of the SongFestival finalists. In an interview after the show he said it was, "incredible".


Poland would be the next country to decide on the successor to Roksana Węgiel. These are certainly big shoes to fill after she won last year's contest in Minsk. Ultimately, it was Wiktoria Gabor who was selected after their national final concluded.

Last year, the country went internal. This year Poland hosted a national final, and Sunday saw the result of this, where the final of 'Szansa na Sukces' took place in Warsaw. After, several heats, three singers were chosen to sing in the final.

Check out Jess Reacts Below:

The three singers, had three different songs penned specifically for the honour of representing Poland on home soil at the contest. The songs, and artists were as follows:

1) Wiktoria Gabor- "Superhero"

2) Gabriela Katzer- "On My Way"

3) Nikola Fiedor - "Bubbles In My Head"

The winner was decided by a public vote which consisted of SMS, and a professional Jury. The results were as follows:

1) Wiktoria Gabor- "Superhero" Scoring 10 Points ( 5 + 5 )

2) Nikola Fiedor - "Bubbles In My Head" Scoring 6 Points ( 3 + 3)

3) Gabriela Katzer- "On My Way" Scoring 2 Points ( 1 + 1)

Wiktoria was the clear winner, with her coming first on the public, and jury vote. She has also being highly regarded by many fans of the contest.


The weekend concluded with Albania who decided their winner later on Sunday evening, after Poland. It was a big national final that saw eighteen countries all compete for that golden ticket to Gliwice. After a tough round of voting, it was Isea Çili who won.

Tirana hosted the national final, Junior Fest 2019 which was held in the Tirana Amphitheatre. The winner was Isea with the song,"Mikja ime Fëmijëria".

There was no public option to decide the winner, but it was a professional jury that decided this year's participant. The final has not been broadcast yet, with RTSH airing it this Wednesday at 20:35 CET. The list of participants, and songs were as follows:

  • Sidorela Dorti, Kleansa Susaj & Juena Tahirity -Kënga e Ngjyrave

  • Violeta Beshiri – Ty Mbi Rërë Të Vizatoj

  • Noel Hoxholli – Jam Shqiptar e Bij Shqiptari

  • Era Okshtuni – Lunapark

  • Flavia Doka – Tinguj Zemre

  • Trisiana Jata – Gjithësia Ime

  • Livia Nelaj & Estea Teta – Doli Një Yll

  • Bora Llapushi – Shtet Qytete

  • Marigleda Lajthia – Jemi Fllad I Pranverës

  • Rumeisa Kola – Ëndërroj

  • Krisiana Veshaj – Pushimet

  • Ajla Rroji – Ne

  • Arseld Muça & Martina Serreqi – Më E Shtrenjta Botë

  • Sajana Kodhelli – Jemi Miq Te Mirë

  • Françeska Kasa – Per Ty Vendi Im

  • Isea Çili – Mikja Ime Fëmijëria (WINNER)

  • Rinea Vitija – Një Botë Me Dashuri

  • Uendi Goga – Mirësevjen

It has been a busy weekend with national finals. Which one did you prefer? Which song is best out of the three? Is there a potential winner amongst them? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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