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Junior Eurovision 2019 | 3 finalists chosen in Junior Eurovision Éire in Ireland

September 30, 2019


Ireland are getting closer to selecting their representative for Junior Eurovision this year. Yesterday, the Semi Final of Junior Eurovision Éire took place, in which eight acts competed to win the three spots in the Grand Final. Two of the acts that advanced to the final were chosen by a panel of judges, which comprised of Gráinne Bleasdale, Chris Greene and former Eurovsion winner, Niamh Kavanagh. The last finalist was chosen after two other acts were chosen by the panel to compete in a sing-off, in which the winner took the final spot. The three finalists are:


  • Anna Kearney

  • Savannah Phoenix-Munroe

  • Orla McDermott


Kearney and Phoenix-Munroe were chosen by the panel to go directly to the final whilst McDermott won the last spot in the final after winning the sing-off against another hopeful, Alison McGrath. The other eliminated acts were:


  • Caoimhe McBride

  • Seisear Séiseach

  • Arabella Dolan

  • Skye Murphy Darrer


The final will take place on the 6th October, in which the three finalists will sing two songs: one song they have sang in the competition previously and one song that won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland. The judges will choose two singers to advance to a sing-off, in which the winner of this sing-off will be flying the flag for Ireland in Gliwice in just under two months time.


Last year, Ireland were represented by the then 14 year old Tyler Hynes with the song "IOU". He placed 15th with 48 points. You can watch his performace below:



What do you think about this news? Who do you want to see represent Ireland this year? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to follow us on social media.


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