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JESC 2019 | Telewizja Polska Have Released Details On This Year's Junior Eurovision Ticket Sales

September 26, 2019



With just over two months until the Junior Eurovision 2019, the host broadcaster TVP, have just recently announced information in regards to those wishing to buy tickets for the show, including the chance to meet last year's winner Roksana Węgiel.


The hosts have given those fans outside of Poland a chance to but tickets online, while residents of the country can also have the choice to buy them through various outlets.  There will be several batches of tickets beginning on the 30th September, ending on the 8th October 2019.  They will be as follows:


30/09/2019 -  Stationary Sale in the Arena Gliwice

1/10/2019 - 07/09/2019 -  Pre-Sale phase (tickets can be bought through ebilet.pl)

08/10/2019 -  The start of the main sale phase (tickets to be bought at the Arena Gliwice, Eventim online, Ebiliet, Kupbiet, Kupbieleick).


A lay our of the arena has also been released:




The initial ticket prices in the pre-sale in the various stands will be as follows:


High Stand (light green) from 25 PLN

Low Tribune (Dark Green) from 99 PLN

Fan Zone (BOARD Yellow) from 99 PLN

Fan Zone Early Entrance (BOARD from 149 PLN)

VIP (Purple) from 399 PLN


There will also be a promotional set of tickets for families.  When buying 4 tickets (3 +1 model) there will be a 10% option added to the tickets.  Whilst there will also be a 15% discount for those purchasing 10 bus off amounts.  


Finally, TVP have also given fans of Roksana, a chance to meet and greet her in a package that will allow them to meet last year's winner.  They will also receive an autograph, a photo taken by a professional photographer, and a surprise gadget.  However, tickets for this event will cost 399 PLN, and will be sold at a different date.  The event will also take place on the 23rd, and 24th of November 2019.


You can find all the details, along with the rules of ticket purchasing on TVP official website.


 Will you be buying tickets, and going to Gliwice this November for the Junior Eurovision 2019 .  Please telll us in the comments below.



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