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JESC 2019 | Tonight Russia Choses It's Junior Eurovision Entrant

It's that time of year again, when the 19 participating countries for this year's Junior Eurovision get ready to send their selected participants. So far, around ten countries have selected their artists, with several others getting closer with their perspective national finals.

Tonight, along with Wales, it is the turn of one of the contests power houses to decide which artist they will select to have the honour of representing mother Russia in Gliwice Poland.

When And Where Will The Show Be Held?

This evening, the national final will take place in the nations capital Moscow. The show will be broadcast from the Vegas City Hall for the final of Akademiya Eurovision. The show will be broadcast at 19:00 CET (20:00 CET). The winner will be revealed after the voting has been combined at 21:00 CET.

Who Are The Finalists?

It is quite a large final compared to that of Wales. The country has opted to send the following eleven artists to the final, with their perspective songs:

01) Daniil Khachaturov- "Life" (Жизнь)

02) Mikhail Noginsky- "Superhero" (Супергерой)

03) Like Teens- "Daddy's Daughters!" (Папенькина дочка!)

04) Alisa Pritochkina- "Warrior Of Love" (Выбирай любовь)

05) Maria Mirova- "Way To Dream" (Путь к мечте)

06) Julia Solnyshkova- "Bright Light" (Яркий свет)

07) Ksenia Kushner- "Girls Don't Cry" (Девушки не плачут)

08) Margarita Stryukova- "In My Sky" (В моем небе)

09) Maryana Titova- "We Are Legends" (Мы легенды)

10) Nikita Moroz- "Nikita And Friends" (Никита and friends)

11) Tatyana Mezhentseva & Oorzhak Denberel- "Time For Us" (Время для нас)

How Will The Winner Be Chosen?

Once again, Russia has opted to continue with its successful formula by having a 50% online voting, combined with a 50% Jury vote. So far, the results of the online vote has put Denberel Oorzhak, and Tatyana Mezhentseva in the lead scoring 12 points. According to ESC World, the results of the online voting are shown as below:

12 Points - Tatyana Mezhentseva & Oorzhak Denberel

10 Points - Daniil Khachaturov

8 Points - Nikita Moroz

7 Points - Maryana Titova

6 Points - Margarita Stryukova

5 Points - Mikhail Noginsky

4 Points- Alisa Pritochkina

3 Points - Ksenia Kushner

2 Points - Julia Solnyshkova

1 Point- Maryana Titova

0 Points- Like Teens

Russia at the Junior Eurovision

Russia first entered the contest back in 2005, and since then have made 14 appearances in the competition. They are classed as one of the powerhouses having always been in the top ten, and having won the competition twice, in 2006, and 2017. Last year the country was represented by Anna Filipchuk, who sang the song, "Unbreakbable". Despite, making the top ten, it was the countries worse result. She scored 122 points, coming tenth.

Are you looking forward to the national final tonight? Who is your favourite? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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